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The Algarve is a popular destination for bird watchers. The area attracts an array of birds, popular sightings include Hoopeos, Serins, Sardinian Warblers, Black Headed Gulls and many more.

The alvor estuary is a must for visitors interested in bird life, a shelter to a great number of species. A Rocha, located on the estuary, is an organisation interested in the biodiversity in the area of Ria de Alvor. When A Rocha was founded in 1983 one of its main aims was the conservation of birds in Portugal. They are open every Thursday morning for a demonstration of bird ringing followed by the warden giving an interesting talk.

In the spring and summer one can find little Terns and Black Winged Stilts nesting, in the winter the salt marsh is used by birds that have skipped from the low temperature of the highest latitudes such as the Redshank, Ringed Plover, Black Tailed Godwits, Avocets and Flamingos.

It is possible to site some of these birds simply from sitting on the balcony or garden in the apartments featured on this site; the Alvor estuary being only 10 minutes away.

For more information on bird watching in the Algarve try: "Bird watching guide to the Algarve" By Kevin and Christine Carlson.

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Simon Wates is resident in Portugal, he can bring you in close contact with all the birds in the region. for more information.

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