The VAI E VEM bus service in and around Alvor

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An excellent bus service runs from Alvor. There is a flat fare of €1.35 which is valid for one hour and can be used to transfer to another Vem bus to complete your journey.  A one way day ticket (unlimited journeys) is €3.50 bought from the driver. Pre-paid single journey tickets are 80 cents.  10 or 20 journeys can be loaded onto a rechargeable card costing 3 euros which you can buy at the Largo do Dique bus office in Portimao or in other places.  Children under 4 years travel free.  

Route 14 - Portimao (Largo do Dique) - Stadium - Poeta Ant.Meixo School - Vale Franca - Praia do Vau - Clube Prainha - Torralta (Dom Joao Hotel) - Alvor Praia - Alvor centro.  Runs via Alvor Praia this direction only.   Runs every 30 minutes on weekdays only.  For weekend and holiday service see route 1P.

Travel from Alvor to Lisbon on a Renex bus, the fare is very reasonable.

Travel from Alvor to Lagos on an EVA bus.  The fare to Lagos is about 4 euros.

Portimao railway station is a few minutes walk to the north of the city centre.  Routes 31 and 32 stop there.

Trains travelling to Lisbon leave from Portimao railway station changing at Tunes. Fares are a very reasonable.

There is also a great coach service to Spain, perfect for spending a couple of days exploring this beautiful Spanish town, there are no direct trains. 

Coaches Algarve - Seville

Seville- If there is time to spare then Seville is certainly a town worth experiencing. Streets lined with trees heavy from ripe oranges, Seville is a haven of culture and beautiful architecture. The atmoshere is vibrant with the Spanish socialising and enjoying tapas in the rustic cafes all hours of the day. The food is delicious, a platter of Iberian meat and cheese enjoyed at one of the many tapas bars is the perfect dish to share with friends and family. The old town, called Santa cruz is a must see, narrow roads surrounded by beautifull buildings with all matter of foliage tumbling from the balconies.

Coach- The coach will take 5 hours, however they are very comfortable and with a good book time will fly by. There were toilets on the coach for the return journey to the Algarve however not on the way there. It is also possible to drive, however the manic driving in Seville and the sometimes aggresive drivers are an entity unto themselves.

These coach times are gathered from personal experience and information found from the operators. We will keep abreast with the changes however cannot be held responsible for any last minute alterations made by the operators. Eva bus (portugal) and Damas (spain) jointly provide this bus service.

It is 34 Euro return from Lagos to Seville. You must buy your ticket at the office before the coach arrives, maybe a couple of days in advance to secure a ticket.

Upon arrival at Seville there is a taxi rank outside the terminal, however once you are more acquainted with the town there is a very good bus service.

Spanish times is one hour ahead of Portuguese time and is highlighted in red, the rest is Portuguese time.

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